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Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

If you have endured a layoff or reduced hours since the pandemic took hold in mid-March, you should carefully consider whether it’s a good time to lock yourself into a car loan and risk missing payments or defaulting altogether. However, if you have remained employed and can afford it, the next several months may be an excellent time to get a great deal from a dealer eager to make a sale.

Best Reward Offers:

  • Rates as Low as 2.00% APR
  • Online Application & Quick Pre-Approvals
  • No Application Fees, Processing Fees, or Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Terms from 24 to 72 Months
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Credit Life, Disability, and GAP Coverage
  • E-Sign - Easily and securely sign your loan documents from anywhere using email access.

Plus, you can shop conveniently online using our Auto Buying Center

Financed Elsewhere?
If you’re looking to save some money, now is a great time to refinance your auto loan with Best Reward. Find out if we can save you money today! Whether you’re seeking a new or used vehicle, Best Reward is your TRUSTED lender where there is no pressure to earn a commission, sell you overpriced protection, or put you in a position to overpay for your financing.

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*Provided a CARFAX is available through the dealership. All loans are subject to approval. Loan amount, rate, and term based on the credit qualifications, model year, and
loan to value (LTV).