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Enroll for e-Statements & Avoid the Fee

Effective June 1, 2017 a $1.00 fee will apply for any paper statement that is mailed.*

With e-Statements:

  • You improve security and the handling of your personal information, as mailed paperwork can be lost or stolen.
  • Your e-Statement will be ready to view earlier than the paper version; no waiting for snail mail.
  • You have nothing new to learn; they look similar to the mailed statements you’ve been receiving.
  • You can print them or save them to your own storage device from the convenience of your home or office.
  • You can view up to 12 months’ worth of statements within Best Reward Online. e-Statements begin archiving upon enrollment, so 12 months’ worth of statements are available once you have been enrolled for 12 months.

To Learn More, Click HERE.

To Enroll for e-Statements:

Click HERE to become a registered Best Reward Online user first then;

  1. Login to Best Reward Online
  2. Click on the Self Service Tab
  3. Under Additional Services, Select e-Statements
  4. Click on Maintain e-Statements (Upper Right Corner)
  5. Check the Box Under Electronic

Already registered for Best Reward Online? Click HERE to login and follow the steps above.

It's that easy and completely FREE!

*Primary members age 60 and over will be waived of this fee.